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  • Experience :
    30+ Years

Rob Auger - General Manager

Being surrounded his whole life with NDT, Rob Auger joined the team of CPS Inspection Inc. in his teen years. Driven by his desire to maintain and bring to the next generation the family business, Rob returned to CPS Inspection Inc. after completing his degree in Education and working as an educator to Jr. High and Sr. High level students in his twenties. In 2009 Rob landed the role of Safety Officer and soon after was promoted to Business Manager. In 2017 Rob was once again promoted to his current position as General Manager.

Rob’s attitude towards business is simple. He believes that honesty and integrity are the core values needed to build strong relationships with employees and clients and a reputation as a trustworthy individual to work with.  Rob’s approach to managing CPS Inspection Inc. is to surround himself with experts in the NDT industry who share his values of honesty and integrity, maintain and strengthen the client relationships the company was built on, and to stay on the cutting edge of advancing technologies within the field of NDT.

Rob Auger is a dedicated father of two children whom he shares his love of music and sport.  Rob is honored to be given the opportunity to carry on the legacy of CPS Inspection started by his father and looks forward to building upon the strong foundation setup by the first generation of CPS Inspection Inc.