Project Background

Ultrasonic Examination (UT) is a permitted volumetric examination method in lieu of the required Radiographic Examination (RT) of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sections I, VIII Division 1 and VIII Division 2.

It is important to note that for all three code books, the permitted ultrasonic examinations are restricted to Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and Phased Array (PAUT) with computer based data acquisition and analysis abilities using automatic or semi-automatic equipment that is mechanically mounted and guided on the examination surface. Manual straight beam UT, manual angle beam UT and manual Phased Array (PAUT) are not permitted as substitute techniques when using UT in place of required RT.

Project Notes:

One of our esteemed client well known name in pressure vessel manufacturing in Canada approached us at the stage of budgeting a project in which client had requirement to supply new pressure vessels of 100mm plus thickness of  material grade SA 516 Gr 70N with 100% RT at the stages of before PWHT and after PWHT on all the welds with condition to deliver the project in a very limited time frame with condition to huge plenty in case of project delivery slipped beyond delivery schedule. The end customer never had experience with 100% UT and hesitating to accept UT in lieu of RT.

Team Work

Our experienced advanced ultrasonic testing team having vast knowledge in non destructive testing code requirements, discussed with the end customer quality team and explained about the technology and our decades of experience in UT. With effort of our team with client quality team, end customer permitted UT in lieu of RT.

We worked closely with engineers and techno-commercial team of our client including reviewing of client specifications, code and regulatory requirements and offered our high end advanced ultrasonic testing (AUT) services in lieu of radiographic testing per applicable codes.

We developed an inspection and testing plan including demonstration and approval of inspection procedure from the regulatory body, client and end customer, which was approved in first attempt.

We performed 100% advanced UT on this project and saved 100s hours of our client with the delivery of this project in time frame per client requirement with satisfactory results accepted to all parties.