Coating Inspection

NACE Certified Coating Inspector

Trained, Certified and knowledgeable inspector who have learned a skillset for fieldwork and a solid coatings foundation that strengthens the basics of corrosion control, paint application and inspection, and project management in a way that results in assist to save billions of dollars in cost savings by ensuring that protective coatings were correctly applied and minimize corrosion risk, identify problems in coating applications in manufacturing and processing plants, Pipelines, Marine Vessels and components, Oil and Gas Storage Tanks, roadway projects such as bridges, Hoarding Board and other major industries that utilize paint, galvanizing coating need coating inspectors for quality assurance.

NACE International

NACE International is recognized globally as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions and global leader in developing corrosion prevention and control standards. The organization offers technical training and certification programs, conferences, industry standards, reports, publications, technical journals, government relations activities and more.

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NACE- National Association of Corrosion Engineers