Advanced Ultrasonics (AUT)

Advanced Ultrasonics (AUT)

Automated Ultrasonics (AUT) or Advanced Ultrasonics utilizes the same principles as conventional ultrasonics with the added benefit of a permanent record of inspection. It uses mechanized scanners that are computer controlled to acquire the inspection data. The major advantage is that the inspection data can be re-evaluated at any time or compared to future examinations.

Automated Ultrasonics is widely used in the petrochemical industry in lieu of Radiography because it is safer, faster and often more cost effective. It is mainly used for complete volumetric inspections of welds and the adjacent material. Automated Ultrasonics is commonly used to inspect longitudinal and circumferential welds on piping and vessels, however special applications have evolved to include nozzle welds and corrosion/thickness mapping in materials.

CPS Inspection offers both Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and Phased Array (PA) as independent, individually ABSA approved Automated Ultrasonic inspection techniques to perform ASME BPV inspections. Both techniques have their unique advantages and limitations.

Additional Ultrasonic Method

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